Key Differences Between CRT and LCD

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  1. Although both CRT and LCD are display devices, the power consumed by LCD is approximately 1/3 rd of that of the CRT.
  2. As the demand for LCD increased considerably nowadays, this affected the cost of CRT thus made it less expensive as compared to LCD.
  3. A CRT is somewhat large in size and bulky while LCD supports flat screen and is light in weight as compared to CRT.
  4. CRT supports a better viewing angle from all directions as compared to LCD.
  5. One of the excellent property of LCD over CRT is its antiglare property. LCD screen more efficiently reduces the glare generated by light as compared to CRT.
  6. CRT is more dominant to flickering as it possesses a low refresh rate that causes a drop in image brightness that is easily recognized by naked eyes.As against, flickering is not that much higher in LCD due to its high refresh rate.
  7. The external supply provided to a CRT is usually an analogue signal whereas LCD makes use of a digital signal for the same.
  8. LCD provides a much greater image quality as compared to a CRT screen.

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